Four years ago, the directing duo Pelón Brothers came on the scene. Mateo Arias and Timmie Egremy share the passion for telling stories and the skills for making it happen. As a hands-on team, they engage in the whole crafting process: from the idea to the final result, from treatment to post production. Bringing together a diversified repertoire, Pelón Brothers specialises in commercials, video clips, and content for all markets. Poised by the craving of finding new stories to tell, Mateo and Timmie have filmed in Mexico, United States, and South America. Pelón Brothershas given them the space to exploit their best skills in order to complement each other as an ideal team.



He studied mechanical engineering at the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) until his passion placed him in a different path which drove him to enroll in the London Film Academy (UK). Afterwards, he held the position of director and editor for four years at the Canal 22 in Mexico City. Due to his knowledge and experience in the cinematographic field, he has been recruited by several production companies where he has held various positions from A.D and Post-Producer, to Director. As a member of Pelón Brothers Mateo focuses on solving the puzzle of every project. That is, he establishes direct contact with clients, organizes and designs the strategies for shooting, and orchestrates the actors on-set. 



He studied photography at the Escuela Activa de Fotografía in Mexico City and then he pursued a career in Communications at the CECC (Pedregal, Mexico City). His photographical work has been exhibited in a number of galleries such as the Casa/Taller de Rufino Tamayo in Oaxaca, Mexico. He has held the positions of A.D., Post-Producer, and Director in more than 200 commercials from 2007. As a member of Pelón Brothers, Timmie specialises in the cinematographic aspect of every project. That is, he is the eye behind the camera: he frames, lights, and sets up every scene.